Runes of Magic private server

On May 30, 2020 at 11am EST (5pm CEST) the server will be shut down for patch, and level cap increase. There will be a 2x (4x) XP/TP Weekend when the server relaunches.

As the title says!! Please know that a new client download is required in order to continue playing at Gamers4Life. If you are running a 64bit client, we thank you. If you do not have one, please backup your addons and delete your 32bit client. Its now unsupported! Visit the download links above to get a new client. The download is 12gb. You will need 32gb of space for the install.

Today, the 32bit server will shut down for the last time. We are going 64bit exclusively! Server maintenance will start at 6pm EST. Services are expected to be restored by 8pm EST. (Thats 00:00 and 02:00 for CET people!). Once the server shuts down, please feel free to discard your 32bit client, as it will no longer work. Full patch notes and additional information is available on our discord server.

Big Changes coming! Here is a quick list:<br> * Nov 23 Classic will be relaunched (no reset) with a new zone! Aotulia Volcano <br> *Classic will be converted to a Hybrid Play to Win game model. Mems and Dias can be traded 1:1 unlimited.<br> *On Nov 24 at 10am EST there will be a GM Event!<br> *Snowflake festival launches Nov 23 with Classic Relaunch!<br> *Immediately, there is a 2x XP/TP week/weekend until Nov 25 at 00:00

Dear players of G4L CLassic, tonight we will perform short server maintenance in order to release our newest spell reworks. We hope you enjoy your time in Taborea!